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A simple demonstration of gravity using the semi-implicit euler method in Godot. Bodies in this demo are only affected by their parents, so the sun only affects planets, and only planets affect their moons. The result is a fast and stable - but not entirely accurate - model of planetary orbits. I found this video on the method to be invaluable: 


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Hi Martin! Awesome work with all your videos
I was wondering if the source code for this demo is available for patreons, as I was unable to find it.
If it isn't there is no problem though. Just keep doing this awesome work!


Thanks! No the source code for this isn't available at the moment sorry. But the video I link in the description is a really good resource for understanding how it works. I'll try and make some time to clean up this project and upload it though :)

Nice demo. You can use leapfrog integration for more stable orbits.